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Marketers, advertisers, publishers and agencies are aggregating more data, from more sources, than ever before. In order to realize the full value of this information, they need to seamlessly and rapidly collect, integrate, and manage it. This will enable them to use this data in marketing decisions on media buying, messaging, customer engagement and product strategy.

These data aggregation solutions go by a variety of names, including Data Management Platforms (DMPs). In fact, nPario's fully programmable platform powers several of the DMPs used by leading brands today. However, we at nPario believe that aggregating data is only part of the solution. The next step is surfacing insights about the consumers and their commercial intention, information that is critical to making data-driven business decisions.

nPario delivers a consumer intelligence platform and Big Data applications for marketing that enable the world’s largest brands to combine existing, new and emerging channels of information to segment consumers, understand consumer behavior and commercial intent, and drive customer acquisition, retention and engagement.

Unlike other DMPs, which can choke on the sheer scale of data needed to provide comprehensive consumer intelligence in real-time, nPario provides easy-to-use visual applications to segment audiences, predict consumer intent and provide campaign intelligence at scale in real-time.

nPario solutions are available as either public or private clouds, and are already in use at leading brands, publishers and agencies such as Aramex, Electronic Arts, GroupM and Reuters.

Consumer Intelligence Applications

nPario Consumer Intelligence applications are built specifically for marketers and publishers. These applications enable you to understand consumer segmentation, create new segments and model audiences to optimize targeting, and provide campaign intelligence so you can adjust current campaigns in real-time.

Segment ExplorerTM

nPario Segment Explorer™ enables you to quickly define, build, and analyze audience segments. Using attributes such as demographics, online behavior, offline purchase behavior, and geography, Segment Explorer™ generates targeted audiences that help increase your bottom line. Building custom segments is made easier by LiveUI which enables you to instantly evaluate the audience size as you add and remove criteria from a segment.

Data Science Insights

Automatically generate data science-driven insights for each segment, including demographics, geography, and other key metrics for understanding your audiences.

Segment Comparison

Analyze the similarities and differences between audiences, or for an audience versus the overall system population. Discover where insights overlap, and uncover new and surprising qualities about audiences you thought were unrelated.

Lookalike Modeling

Use real-time modeling to identify users with characteristics similar to those of an existing segment.

  • You can efficiently expand an audience by finding other users that ‘look like’ members of the given audience, in that they exhibit similar behaviors and affinities.
  • You can choose to include the original “seed” segment in the expanded segment, or you can omit it so there is no overlap in segment membership.

Campaign ExplorerTM

Campaign Explorer provides intelligence about active campaigns by audience segment in real-time. These insights enable the fine tuned optimization of campaigns as they are running without having to wait until they are complete.

  • Campaign intelligence by audience segment
  • Campaign intelligence by channel – website, mobile, video etc.
  • Campaign performance reporting


RACETM (Real-Time Audience Classification Engine) automatically classifies users into segments, even those with minimal information. Accuracy weights use criteria such as location and referral strings to intelligently group users. With RACE™, publishers can increase their availability of higher-value inventory and sell it for higher CPMs.

  • Increase average CPM
  • Increase level of high-value inventory
  • Increase relevance

Consumer Intelligence Platform

The foundation of nPario's applications is the nPario Consumer Intelligence Platform. Built for extremely large-scale, data-intensive environments, nPario's platform is designed to process enormous amounts of data.

nPario’s Consumer Intelligence Platform provides high performance real-time SQL data access by natively accessing data in Hadoop environments - HDFS, Hive and HBase. This results in consumer-centric analytics at real-time speed to deliver interactive results for ad-targeting campaigns and optimizing consumer engagement.

This new platform meets the needs of enterprises that have been collecting growing amounts of data within their Hadoop environments and want fast access to consumer segmentation without tying up data scientists and analysts.

Data Gathering

The nPario Consumer Intelligence Platform is flexible and powerful enough to collect massive amounts of any type of data, as fast as you can feed it. Our data load operations are some of the fastest in the industry.

Real-Time Consumer Segmentation

The nPario Consumer Intelligence Platform is tuned to focus on understanding consumers. All the ecosystem integration needed to understand 1st party, 3rd party data and behavioral data is built into the platform, making actionable insights available to nPario Consumer Intelligence applications.

In-Platform Data Science

Unlike traditional data mining (in which data is first extracted, then analyzed), nPario's data science is conducted "in-platform" — as close to the data as possible. By doing the analysis in the same place that the data lives, our data mining and modeling functions achieve substantial gains in efficiency and scalability.

Massive Scalability

The nPario Consumer Intelligence platform uses parallel processing, a columnar database structure, and machine learning to provide a powerful and infinitely scalable data platform.

Real-Time Functionality

Low-latency storage and in-platform data mining enable real-time segmentation and targeting. This lets the system classify users as soon as they access your content, based on any criteria you define.

SQL Programmability

nPario provides a straightforward SQL interface for application developers to access the platform by integrating data science primitives and machine learning operations directly into the database platform.

Our Customers

Our technology powers the data for some of the largest companies in the world.

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) is the second largest video game publishers in the world, including franchises such as Sims, Madden, Pogo, Hasbro, and PopCap.

EA has introduced EA Legend, powered by nPario, which provides Advertiser analytics and insigjts so that brands can connect to premiere content, in a relevant way.

This video shows how Toyota adds their product into the Sims game, and players get a play boost by interacting with the brand. Gatorade in Madden 12.


Schibsted is a $2.5 billion publisher and ad network with publications in 27 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

Schibsted analyzes data across all its properties incorporating online and subscriber data.

Weather FX

Weather FX takes weather and location data to trigger dynamic messaging for the right consumer at the right time


Subscriber Intent Insights Fuel Mobile Operator’s Momentum by driving subscriber growth and minimizing churn through targeted marketing.

“With nPario, key insights about our subscribers, our offerings and our business are at our fingertips. In the highly competitive and ever changing mobile operator environment, we have a powerful tool to turn data into insights and ensure we maintain our innovative edge.”

Yaser Sghair, Director of IT, Umniah



WPP and nPario launch strategic alliance to improve data-driven decision-making for marketers and advertisers.


Co-founded by Bassel Ojjeh, nPario simplifies consumer data so you can understand your customers, increase revenue by making smarter advertising decisions, and automate complex, data-intensive processes on a petabyte scale.

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