nPario Brings the Fastest Real-time SQL for Consumer Segmentation to Hadoop

nPario Powers Real-time Consumer Intelligence on Hadoop Ecosystem with Transparent Columnar Distributed Query Processing

Santa Clara, Calif. — O'Reilly Strata Conference, February 25, 2013 — nPario, Inc.™, the leader in real-time consumer intelligence, today announced nPario Consumer Intelligence for Hadoop™, breakthrough technology that enables marketers to analyze consumer behavior and segmentation in real-time using data stored in Hadoop environments – including HDFS, HBase and Hive. As enterprises have increased the amount of data and the speed with which it is collected inside their Hadoop environments, there is a tug-of-war between marketing departments that need high performance analytics, and IT departments that don't want the ongoing overhead of managing multiple silos of data for faster analysis. Now nPario's Consumer Intelligence Platform provides high performance Real-Time SQL data access to data in HDFS, Hive and HBase. This results in consumer segmentation and analytics at real-time speed to deliver interactive results for ad-targeting campaigns and optimizing consumer engagement.

"We work with many of the world's largest brands - which means harmonizing, deriving insight and actioning many petabytes of data across the globe" said Steve Plimsoll, Joint Managing Director and CTO of WPP's Data Alliance. "Over the last 18 months we've seen a sprint by enterprises to adopt technologies such as Hadoop, desperately trying to produce data-driven insights about their consumers. nPario's approach in delivering high performance distributed query processing on top of Hadoop, enables marketers to interactively segment their consumers, predict audiences and get campaign performance in real-time, directly from their existing Hadoop clusters and nPario's own data assets."

"Enterprises have been using Hadoop to collect and analyze large amounts of consumer-centric data, but performing real-time analysis continues to prove difficult, and nowhere near the speed expected by business analysts, nPario's unique approach fills the clear gap in distributed real-time SQL query processing for Hadoop environments, by directly analyzing data stored in Hadoop without the need to replicate it or to run multiple batch processes," said Bassel Ojjeh, co-founder and CEO of nPario. "nPario's highly tuned architecture, which has been battle hardened in the largest columnar deployments in the world, provides real-time SQL performance improvements of upwards of 100 times that on Hadoop today."

Compared to alternative ways of querying Hadoop data, nPario's Consumer Intelligence Platform provides the following advantages:

  • Built on a foundation of highly scalable, patented, distributed columnar architecture – the fastest for interactive and real-time analytical processing – originally designed and implemented to handle the enormous scale needed by Yahoo!.
  • Intelligently distributes and executes complex SQL queries across its massively parallel system, regardless of whether the data resides in native columnar or HDFS stores.
  • Provides coherent columnar cache using storage hierarchy to bypass both IO bottlenecks (both storage and network) and the complexity of MapReduce, reducing latency significantly.
  • Seamless integration with Hadoop environment by dynamically exposing the relevant Hadoop metadata as tables and columns and accessing underlying data directly.
  • Singular focus on consumer analytics. Specialized segmentation and data science algorithms are integrated into the platform and optimized to deliver actionable results in real-time.

Unlike general purpose columnar analytics systems, which typically access HDFS on a per query basis, nPario can process distributed analytical queries directly on HDFS at real-time speeds.

This new platform meets the needs of enterprises that have been collecting growing amounts of data within their Hadoop environments and want fast access to consumer segmentation without tying up data scientists and analysts.

Why is Consumer Intelligence Important?

Marketers, advertisers, publishers and agencies are aggregating more data, from more sources, than ever before. In order to realize the full value of this information, they need to seamlessly and rapidly collect, integrate, and manage it. Connecting 1st party data with 3rd party data and detailed behavioral data enables them to make data driven marketing decisions on media buying, messaging, customer engagement and product strategy.

Increasingly this type of consumer data is being stored in Hadoop environments, which are great for executing analytical queries in batch mode and having data scientists explore patterns on large amount of data using custom programming. However, they are not suitable for the interactive, real-time, ad-hoc queries needed by marketers to create consumer segmentation and enable data-driven decision-making. Despite emerging approaches to distributed query processing which improve query speed on Hadoop, columnar databases still excel in performance for real-time analytics, and enable analysts to achieve interactive, real-time results. So the challenge becomes how to access data stored in Hadoop in real-time without going through a traditional ETL process, which results in multiple disconnected representations of data and increased latency.

General-purpose columnar analytics systems rely on techniques such as running multiple MapReduce jobs to query data iteratively, copying data from HDFS to the native columnar store, or directly accessing HDFS data on a per-query basis. nPario takes a different approach and leverages its highly tuned MPP columnar architecture to enable high performance Real-Time SQL data access for Hadoop via distributed queries and vector query processing. This combined with hierarchical storage and intelligent caching of columnar data ensures subsequent queries can run in real-time.

Pricing & Availability

nPario Consumer Intelligence for Hadoop is available and priced based on a flexible licensing model calculated on the number of cores in use.

About nPario

nPario delivers a consumer intelligence platform and Big Data applications for digital marketing that enable the world's largest brands to combine existing, new and emerging channels of information to segment consumers, understand consumer behavior and commercial intent, and drive customer engagement. Unlike other data management platforms (DMPs), which can choke on the sheer scale of data needed to provide comprehensive consumer intelligence, the nPario platform was designed to support the scale needed by media companies such as Yahoo! and provides easy-to-use visual applications to segment audiences, predict consumer intent, and provide campaign intelligence at scale in real-time.

Brands, publishers and agencies combine 1st party, behavioral and 3rd party data using nPario's patent-pending Real-Time Data Science™ to access deep consumer insight. They use this aggregated and connected data to segment consumers without the need for complex queries or programming, enabling the identification of high-value segments and the predictive modeling of consumers. This lets them answer such questions as: who are our customers? How many potential customers are similar to them? What sites are they most likely to frequent?

nPario integrates these real-time insights with key business processes such as customer loyalty, churn analysis and digital marketing.

nPario solutions are available as either on public or private clouds, and are already in use at leading brands, publishers and agencies such as Thomson Reuters, Electronic Arts and GroupM. In fact, nPario also powers several of the data management platforms (DMPs) used by brands today. Try nPario Audience Discovery for free,

nPario is a privately held company with offices in Palo Alto, Calif. For more information, visit Join the conversation at

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Co-founded by Bassel Ojjeh, nPario simplifies consumer data so you can understand your customers, increase revenue by making smarter advertising decisions, and automate complex, data-intensive processes on a petabyte scale.

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